Philadelphia Probate Attorney

The Law Office of Tejal Mehta assists families with the estate administration process, also known as probate, when a loved one has passed away.  Experienced probate attorney Tejal Mehta will guide you through all the requirements to settle an estate to ensure that the wishes of your deceased family member are carried out and to address the circumstances of surviving family members.

Estate administration/probate, is the legal process in which ownership of a deceased person’s property is passed to his or her beneficiaries.  It includes:

  • presentation of a valid Will or trust agreement by the executor or trustee
  • appointment of an Administrator when there is not a valid Will
  • identifying beneficiaries of the estate
  • gathering of assets and valuing the estate
  • payment of debts, taxes, and administration expenses
  • liquidating assets when necessary
  • the distribution of the estate pursuant to the Will, trust, or state law when no Will exists

Because an executor can be held responsible for errors, it is wise to obtain experienced guidance to understand an executor’s responsibilities.  If you have been named as an executor on an estate, please contact estate administration attorney Tejal Mehta to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the steps involved in settling an estate and answer your questions about the probate process.  She will address your concerns with empathy and respect.