Adjustment of Status (AOS)

AC, Google, 2020

Tejal helped me with my marriage-based Adjustment of Status I-485 application. She and her staff were very helpful and detailed.
Tejal was very knowledgeable and helped us draft the application from start to finish. She worked diligently and helped us setup a great package that made our interview go very smoothly. We moved across the country once we filed for the AOS, but she was very approachable and responsive via emails. She also organized a phone consult with us once we received the interview notice.
I definitely recommend her!

JT, Google, 2020

Tejal was absolutely amazing to work with. She is very detailed and thorough. She was always available and quick to respond via phone or email. We even had to move across the country while our application was pending, and she guided us through the necessary application adjustments. Any time her office received an update on our file we would immediately receive an email notice from her. Overall, I was very pleased with her services and would highly recommend her to anyone.

AE, Google, 2020

Tejal is awesome to work with. She explains everything succinctly and walks you through the whole process. She was available to me at all times, be it replying emails I sent at the midnight hour and taking my calls on weekends. She shows dedication to your cause till the very end and takes the case as though it were her own. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and look forward to working with Tejal again for my future needs.

BO, Google, 2020

Tejal is an excellent attorney! She has been a great resource throughout my wife's adjustment of status case. She is professional and thorough, and her tireless efforts completing and reviewing paperwork have made the process seem easy. She is also caring, friendly, and always available to answer questions.

NP, Google, 2019

Super professional, efficient, very friendly and responsive to ad hoc questions via phone/ email. Successfully filed and approved application work with her.

DP, Google, 2019

She is excellent and detailed oriented immigration Lawyer compared to some other lawyers we spoked to. She filed complete application on our behalf and everything went as per planned. She is always available to answer any queries regarding the application. Application approved without any RFE and on time.

SS, Google, 2018

Tejal was both kind and wise on every transaction we had with her.

Her ability to be thorough and able to identify possible challenges was most impressive. She contacted us in perfect timing so that everything worked out.

We highly recommend Tejal!

MS, 2018, Avvo

"Tejal provided us with an exceptional experience when working through my wife's immigration paperwork.  She was always only a phone call away whenever we had questions and she presented us with all the facts required.  She presented the risks and how to mitigate them and prepared us for every stage of the process.  She executed all our documents immaculately and was very professional throughout.  We plan on using Tejal's services again for the citizenship application.  Highly recommended!"

TM, 2018, Google

"Tejal has deep immigration knowledge, cares about the client, delivers great quality and provides exceptional services.  I hired her for Mom's green card, and it went though seamlessly.  I highly recommend Tejal for any immigration matter."

RF, 2017, Google

"My wife and I were looking for an attorney to assist us with our adjustment of status filing, and after spending many months working with Tejal we can confidently say our overall experience was very positive and we recommend her.  Our case was fairly straightforward; we married after being together for several years, and at the time of our marriage one of us was a US Citizen.

Selection: We chose to work with Tejal after conducting an extensive online and in-person search and after interviewing her to learn whether she was a good fit for our needs.  We chose her for two reasons: 1) her primary experience is in immigration and adjustment of status cases, and 2) she was very pleasant to work with when we interviewed her.

Initial work: Tejal discussed our background and this understanding to produce a "homework" list of questions for us to answer and documents that we needed to provide.  Tejal's questions were entirely relevant, on-point, and very efficient.  Tejal gave us clear direction around the type of information we needed to provide and throughout this process was very responsive to our questions (via phone and email).  We also stopped by her office several times to review our progress on our "homework" with her, obtain additional guidance, and verify that we were moving in the right direction.  It was easy to schedule time to meet with her, she was very open and accommodating, and she did not charge us additional fees for this guidance.

Medical exam: USCIS requires the beneficiary in a marriage-based adjustment of status case to complete a medical examination and prove that they have current vaccines.  We did not have copies of our medical histories, and Tejal helped us connect with a doctor in the area who was able to perform the required bloodwork, provide / update any vaccines that were missing or needed a booster, and complete the medical examination paperwork that USCIS required.

Submission of package: After all of our "homework" was complete and all required evidence had been gathered, we provided everything to Tejal in a well-organized package and she prepared the final package that we would submit.  This package included all required documentation, evidence, and paperwork for our adjustment of status, advance parole, and EAD.  Tejal did an outstanding job organizing everything into a logical, easy-to-understand package, and prepared all necessary paperwork for us.   She walked us through each document, showed us how it related to the other documents in the package, and provided clear, easy-to-understand guidance through this entire meeting.  We can state with confidence that Tejal saved us days or weeks of work and headaches by doing this.  After we had reviewed and signed everything Tejal packaged and submitted it to USCIS on our behalf.  She also provided us with a scanned digital copy of the entire submission for our records.

Change of address: We moved into a new home a few months after we submitted our package to USCIS.  When this happened, we informed Tejal of our new address and she took care of filing the appropriate paperwork with USCIS for us.  We received a confirmation letter from USCIS a few days later.

USCIS interview: Tejal provided guidance around what to bring to our USCIS interview, what questions to expect, and how to handle the interview generally.  She will attend the interview with her clients for an additional fee if they request it, but she advised us that our case was very straightforward and there was no real reason for us to pay for her to do so.  This advice was correct and consistent with our interview experience.

Working with Tejal in the future: We recommend Tejal very strongly.  We must file to convert our conditional permanent residency to permanent residency in about two years because we were married for less than one year when we obtained permanent residence; we will work with Tejal to do so."

Anonymous, 2017, Avvo

"Very professional and thorough with paperwork which was the best part.  My (Green Card) adjustment status was filed by Ms. Tejal Mehta.  While utilizing her professional services I found that Ms.Tejal is a detail oriented person and supported all the required forms and information with proper backup and proof and hence we did not face a lot of questions from the USCIS interviewer.  Also, to add, the USCIS officer was impressed with the thorough paperwork and was very vocal about it.  I will surely recommend her professional service to my friends or relatives."

Anonymous, 2016, Avvo

“The entire experience was a breeze”

“My husband and I tried to fill out my application on our own and after a month of scrambling around we just decided to find a lawyer.  Ms. Tejal was the first person we spoke to and we knew we wouldn't need to find anyone else.  She handled everything like a pro and was always available to answer questions.  It took less than a week to send out the packet with all the documents and now, roughly 5 months later I have my permanent residency card!  I am really grateful to Tejal and her team for helping me get it without even the slightest trouble.”

PP, 2016, Avvo

“Highly recommended for Immigration”

“During the decision-making process, I talked to a few lawyers over the phone.  I contacted Tejal Mehta.  After meeting with her and explained all my case.  She responded clearly and step by step.  I instantly felt comfortable and chose Law office of Tejal Mehta for my naturalization.  She helped me through all the forms, documentation and other related proceedings in such a manner that it all turned out seamless and hassle free from my end.  She sent me regular emails, reminders etc. and kept everything up to date.  A couple of days before the interview I sent her multiple emails with questions and she responded to all of them and made me feel at ease.  Whole naturalization to an oath process took 14 weeks.  She is clearly an expert in her field and is a very efficient person.  I will readily recommend Tejal Mehta to anyone requiring professional assistance with their Immigration and Naturalization process.”

ED, 2015, Avvo

“Green Card”

“It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Tejal Mehta in the applying for my wife immigration status adjustment.  We are highly impressed with her unmatched excellence in providing top-quality immigration representation.  Tejal took care of everything and was terrific in identifying details and information of the case to the essentials to present before USCIS.  It was very extremely helpful to have Tejal guide us through the application process.  Because of Tejal outstanding work my wife got her green card in less than 3 months from submitting her application for adjustment of status.  Tejal ability to give personal attention to clients, work diligently with attention to details, write concisely and achieve results is striking.  Above all, she is extremely nice human being and fabulous leader willing to help anytime.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tejal Mehta to any person who needs help with their immigration process, as well as seek her service and advices in any of our future legal matters.”

JP, 2015, Avvo and Google


“Looking for an Immigration lawyer on the internet found Tejal Mehta, I called her, she gave me a price over the phone, which not any other lawyer will...that was the reason I decided to go with her with my case, her HONESTY right from the start made me feel she was the right one to take care of my situation.  She took the time in the first interview to call a Doctor and set me up for my medical tests, which I found super nice and helpful, also she took the time herself to make 2 affidavit letters on my second interview.  My case was suspended, USCIS wanted more evidence.  Tejal went back to my case right away and sent them what it was needed and more, she even called me from her PERSONAL phone to make sure everything was right before making any decision or sending the documents.  I got my interview with USCIS 5-14-2015.  She could have come with me to the interview and charge me $, but she told me...Jesus you will do just fine on your own.  She is not about the money, but ABOUT INTEGRITY AND RESULTS.  I got approved the day of the interview and got my green card the week after.  So my whole case started in December and ended in May 14...but my case was suspended for about a month... I can say very firmly that I made the BEST CHOICE ON choosing TEJAL MEHTA.”

SK, 2015, Google

“I was looking for an experienced lawyer for my GC processing and Tejal Mehta came with a good recommendation from another lawyer.  She helped me with all the paperwork necessary for filing and always looked out for what needed to be done or if we were lacking in any area which needed to be worked on.  She was very knowledgeable and efficient and provided excellent counsel for our needs.  It was nice working with her, she always followed up and would always respond when I needed her.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with their immigration process.”

RC and DC, 2014, Avvo

“Kind and Professional”

“We highly recommend the services of Tejal Mehta.  She helped us to adjust my status to a Permanent Resident by marriage as well as Employment Authorization and Advance Parole.  Mrs. Mehta was very organized and answered any questions we had in a timely manner.  She kept us updated on all the information about our case.  We were approved earlier than we expected!  A very kind and professional person.”

“Recomendamos altamente los servicios de Tehal Mehta.  Nos ayudo a ajustar mi estado a Residente Permanente por matrimonio como tambien el Permiso de Trabajo y Advance Parole (Permiso de viaje).  Ms. Mehta fue muy organizada y respondio todas las dudas que teniamos a tiempo.  Nos mantuvo actualizados con toda la informacion sobre nuestro caso.  Fuimos aprobados antes de lo esperado!  Una persona muy amable y profesional.”

Anonymous, 2014, Avvo

“Immigration — same sex marriage”

“We contacted lawyers, but ONLY she returned our call promptly.  We set up an appointment and she walked us through everything we needed.  She helped us so much!! We had the interview and got approved!!  Truly the process went smoothly thanks to Tejal.  Thank you so much Tejal.  We are very happy.”

RS, 2014, Google

“To start with I will say without reservation that Tejal is very talented and friendly.  I highly recommend hiring her.  Tejal has helped me with my case in applying for AOS.  First of all, the preparation for documents was very impressive.  In fact, the officer during AOS commented that my attorney has done a great job getting everything together.  Another thing I noticed is her in depth knowledge about immigration law.  The way she represented my case cannot be subjected to any further improvements.  It was perfect.  The entire process was completed in timely manner and Tejal kept me posted of progress at all times.  I sincerely recommend Tejal for immigration matters.”

BP, 2013, Email to Law Office of Tejal Mehta

“My wife and I came to Tejal in September 2012 to get my wife’s immigration/Green Card paperwork sorted out and resubmitted.  We had really made a big mess of this doing it on our own so the task was huge for Tejal.  To add to the difficulties, I work all over the country so am not really in PA a lot making things more taxing having to scan/email/fax when needed.  Tejal was able to handle all of this without any issues.  All of our paperwork was submitted, interview scheduled and approved by March 28, 2013!!!  Tejal knows immigration requirements and works very hard to get your necessary paperwork done properly THE FIRST TIME.  My wife and I were very satisfied with the services we received from Tejal Mehta.”

Green Card, Green Card Renewal, DACA

OA and LT, 2018, Avvo

"We cannot thank Mrs Tejal Mehta and her assistant enough for the outstanding job they've done helping my husband Omar obtained his green card!  Since day one Mrs. Mehta made us feel welcome and understood, we felt confident and knew right from the beginning that Mrs Tejal was going to do a great job!  She has been a blessing to our lives.  Mrs Tejal Metha is the epitome of an ethical immigration lawyer and more! her expertise, fairness and beautiful soul gave us the peace of mind that we needed by obtaining my husband's green card!  She always answered our questions and kept us on the loop of what was going on with the application process not to mention the great affordable legal fees and her generosity!  Not once she gave the impression that she was working on our case for money."  She genuinely did her job showing more concern to give us a great service and for a positive outcome than collecting any money" and that to us "is priceless."  We greatly recommend her services!!  Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts Mrs. Mehta!!"

"La abogada Tejal Mehta ayudo a mi esposo Omar a obtener la tarjeta verde de residencia permanente, durante todo el proceso la abogada y su asistente se portaron excelente!  A todo momento su experiencia y sabiduria en situaciones de imigracion se hicieron evidente dandonos a mi y me esposo gran tranquilidad pues supimos que habiamos encontrado a una gran abogada, la liscenciada siempre fue muy amable y nos hizo sentir entendidos y apoyados a todo momento y sin mencionar lo los tan accesibles precios y facilidades que nos dio para hacer pagos!  A todo momento demostro estar mas preocupada por "ayudarnos que por cobrar sus honorarios" y eso no tiene precio!  Gracias de todo corazon por el gran trabajo que hizo!   Sin lugar a dudas yo recomendare sus servicios a toda persona que necesite de ellos!  GRACIAS!"

SS, 2017, Avvo

"Good knowledge ... Strongly Recommended.  I thought that my green card renewal will be complicated.  But thanks to Tejal, she has made my green card renewal very simple and straightforward."

ZS, 2017, Avvo

"Strongly Recommend"

"I strongly recommend the attorney Tejal Mehta.  Me and my husband had an excellent experience with her and her staff.

She is professional, very knowledgeable and helpful.  She knew the laws and procedures extremely well as per my expectations.  Our green card application went very smoothly with her guiding.

The way she helped to make the file that there was nothing to missed out.  Our interview went smooth without any query or doubt.  I strongly recommend them, they are best."

Extension of Visa

KD, 2018, Avvo

"My husband was at the hospital suffering a major stroke and we needed to extend his Visa as he is not a US citizen.  He could not fly as it was dangerous for his health.   We were extremely traumatized and someone Suggested Tejal, and believe me it was a blessing.  She handled the whole issue so professionally and efficiently that I did not have to worry about it any more.  I could just concentrate on husband's recovery."

Visitor Visa

MS, Google, 2018

Professional, efficient and kind, Counselor Mehta did a fine job guiding me through the visa application process for my girlfriend from The Philipines. It is very difficult for a single, never married woman from that country to obtain a tourist visa AND have her stay extended to 6 months, but Tejal did it. She outlined all the variables and aspects that she nor anyone can control with this process which lead to her advising that the application be pursued conservatively so we could, first obtain the visa, then apply for its extension. I really like it when professionals are very specific by outlining the chances-of-success especially they are low. My highest recommendation. I, too, being a solo-practicing healthcare professional try to provide services in a similar manner.

PP, Google, 2017

"I found Tejal Mehta to be extremely knowledgeable, sincere and helpful.  Her attention to details is something to be seen to be believed.  She helped me get a visa to US after I had been rejected once.  She helped me prepare for the interview, answering all my queries with very prompt responses.  She presents the details of the case in a very succinct manner.  She works on the facts given by the client, orders them well and drafts a very effective response with a lot of punch.

Her dedication to duty is admirable.  Her competence and professional integrity will take her far in her profession.  I wish her every success in life."

PA, 2015, Avvo

“Excellent Attorney for US Visa”

“I highly recommend the services of Tejal Mehta.  She helped me get a U.S. visa after two previous rejections.  She is very knowledgeable, has a great eye for details and goes into the minutest details to help you with your case.  Her presentation of facts is precise, addresses all the aspects and is very effective.  She is extremely dedicated, goes over the points of the case with the client, listens patiently and comes up with very powerful solutions.  She helps the client prepare well for the interview.  With her works, she instills a lot of confidence in the client.  An extremely nice person, Tejal Mehta deserves every success in her profession.  I am extremely grateful for all that she has done for me.  I wish her all the best in her life.”

PP, 2015, Google

“I found Tejal Mehta to be extremely knowledgeable, sincere and helpful.  Her attention to details is something to be seen to be believed.  She helped me get a visa to US after I had been rejected once.  She helped me prepare for the interview, answering all my queries with very prompt responses.  She presents the details of the case in a very succinct manner.  She works on the facts given by the client, orders them well and drafts a very effective response with a lot of punch.  Her dedication to duty is admirable.  Her competence and professional integrity will take her far in her profession.  I wish her every success in life.”


PB, Google, 2020

I only can say good things about the law office of Tejal Mehta. She is a dedicated lawyer who will work with and for you. Very satisfied with her legal services. Highly recommended!

SP, 2017, Avvo

With the help of Ms. Tejal Mehta, I was able to finally achieve naturalization. She made sure to check in with me regularly and answer all of my questions promptly and thoroughly. My process went so smoothly and because of her extensive knowledge, there was never a moment of uncertainty for me. I strongly recommend her for her level of professionalism, dedication, and attentiveness throughout the whole process and I am incredibly grateful for her service.

AP, 2017, Avvo

"Strongly recommend"

"I strongly recommend the attorney Tejal Mehta.  I had a very good experience with the first time doing my citizenship application with her.

She is professional and knew the laws and procedures extremely well - way above my expectations.  Our green card application went very smoothly with her guiding.

The way she helped to make the file that there was nothing to missed out.  Our interview went smooth without any query or doubt."

HM, 2016, Google

“I would highly recommend the services provided by the Law Office of Tejal Mehta.  She is easy to work with and very detail orientated to ensure you are represented properly.”

Anonymous, 2013, Avvo

“Excellent service”

“I am very glad I found Ms. Mehta as my immigration attorney for my Naturalization - N400 processing.  My case was little complicated and she was very efficient, meticulous and the whole process was completed in less than 3 months.  She is very prompt in replying to your emails/phone calls and she took her time for consultation and she is very personable, professional and I am extremely happy with her services.  I strongly recommend her for any immigration related cases.  I will surely use her services in future when needed.  I wish her the very best.”

JM, 2012, Avvo

“Great help from Tejal Mehta!”

“I strongly recommend the services of this attorney.  She helped me file my Naturalization Application N-400.  The reason why I called for her services was that I had a case of DUI on august 2011 and prior traffic violations, which potentially could compromise my naturalization approval.  When I first contacted her, I was still completing my DUI education classes.  She gave me the option to wait until I completed the classes to sign a representation agreement with her.  I was touched by her honesty; other attorneys would try and convince you to sign an agreement right away.  The first thing I noticed working with her is how fast she gets back to you when you contact via email or phone.  The other thing is how detail-oriented and meticulous she was on my N-400 application.  My file was so well prepared that my naturalization interview only lasted about 15 to 20 minutes, and I passed it.  The naturalization officer told me that she did not have any further question because my attorney provided her with all the documentation she needed on my case.”

Estate Planning

JM, 2017, Google

"When I decided to obtain a new will, I turned to Ms. Tejal Mehta.  I was hoping to have the matter accomplished quickly, as I was planning to be on vacation out of the country very soon.  I knew that it was important to have my personal affairs in place while traveling away from home, in case of an emergency.  Prior to our meeting, Ms. Mehta gave us a step by step guide to organize my personal and financial matters.  This helped me to have everything ready for consideration.  Plus gathering all of my important documents in one place will help my family deal with my estate matters easily, which is a relief to me.  Then, at our first meeting, Ms. Mehta discussed with my husband and I our particular estate planning goals and concerns to ensure that our estate plans reflected what was important to us.

As a result, we are very satisfied with the estate plans Ms. Mehta created for us.

Also, Ms. Mehta is a quick communicator, always answering my questions promptly and explaining legal terms that I didn’t understand.  She made everything clear.  I trusted her input and was happy to have her expertise.

Choosing who helps you with such a serious and important matter makes all the difference.  I recommended her to several of my family members who also used her practice for estate planning.  Ms. Mehta is honest and reasonably priced too."

Fiancée Visa

JC, 2016, Google

“I hired Tejal Mehta for K-1 visa and green card for my now wife from India.  I found her to be very helpful, straightforward, and knowledgeable.  She responds quickly to her clients and makes sure that you are prepared.  I would definitely recommend Tejal Mehta for immigration issues.”

JC, 2015, Avvo

“Very Good Lawyer for Immigration”

“I hired Tejal Mehta for K-1 visa and green card for my now wife from India.  I found her to be very helpful, straightforward, and knowledgeable.  She responds quickly to her clients and makes sure that you are prepared.  I would definitely recommend Tejal Mehta for immigration issues.”


MP, 2014, Google

“If someone ask me to describe Ms. Mehta in one word.  My answer would be that's impossible to do.  As one word cannot possibly describe Ms. Mehta.  Ms. Mehta is outstanding as a person and most of all as an attorney, she is dedicated and cares about her clients and ensures that she is giving the best possible representation.  She is for lack of a better word a perfectionist, she makes sure your application is submitted and completed in a timely manner.  If you are in search of an immigration lawyer, search no more, if you are looking for an attorney that understands your situation, look no further as Ms. Mehta is the attorney for all your immigration needs.”

KM, 2013, Google

“When I found out that I could qualify to apply for Deferred Action, I searched the internet for a lawyer with experience and knowledge of immigration laws.  My initial decision was to hire the services of the Attorney Tejal Mehta, who from the beginning attended me and she personally offered me an appointment to see my event.  She took special care of all the requirements that the law requires that I had to have to complete the process.  From the beginning to the end of the work process attorney Mehta was no doubt entirely satisfactory.  I currently have all the legal documentation provided by the Immigration Service of the United States.  The processes that took me through the whole steps with Attorney Mehta was made within a reasonably and effective short time.”

“Cuando yo me entere que podia calificar para aplicar a la Accion Diferida, yo busque en internet por un abogado con experiencia y conocimiento en leyes inmigratorias.  Mi decision incial fue contratar los servicios de la Abogada Tejal Mehta, quien desde un inicio me atendio personalmente y me brindo una cita para ver mi caso.  Ella tomo especial atencion en todos los requisitos que la ley exige para que yo cumpliera con todos los documentos necesarios para el tramite.  Desde un inicio hasta el final del proceso el trabajo de la abogada Mehta fue sin lugar a dudas completamente satisfactorio.  Actualmente yo ya cuento con toda la documentacion legal que brinda el Servicio de Inmigracion de los Estados Unidos.  El tramite que me llevo realizar todo el proceso con la Abogada Mehta fue hecho dentro de un tiempo razonablemente corto y efectivo."


HS, 2013, Avvo

“Excellent work”

“Tejal Mehta is a fantastic and knowledgeable lawyer.  I endorse her.  She is a good listener and really strong in communication skills.  She helped me a lot.  I notice working with her is fast and she gets back to you when you contact via email or phone.”

HM, 2013, Avvo


“I would like to take an opportunity for the recommendation of Tejal Mehta as immigration lawyer.  The best thing about her, she is very dedicated towards her work a good listener, strong in communication skills and follows up.  Whenever I come up with the questions via phone call or email she always come back with positive feedback.  Sometimes I forgot something but she always reminds me.  I believe that Tejal exhibits many of the qualities, which will enhance her career opportunities.  I will strongly recommend for the Tejal Mehta the way she work and follow up on the Asylum cases.  I wish her all the success in her life.”

Estate Planning Clients

SV and AV, 2014, Letter to the Law Office of Tejal Mehta

“Tejal Mehta Esq. is highly competent, caring legal professional.  She provided us with all the underpinning details associated with estate planning.  Estate planning is an emotional exercise.  Tejal Mehta Esq. understands this and the intricacies entailed in this process.  She is extremely supportive.  She is also very well informed about the various legal and social laws with its implications.  The quality of service was outstanding.  In that Tejal Mehta Esq. is knowledgeable, competent, caring about her clients.  She presents as a person you can count on. We recommend her strongly.”

RS, 2014, Letter to the Law Office of Tejal Mehta

“I am a client of attorney Tejal Mehta who has upgraded my ESTATE PLANNING DOCUMENTS which were mishandled by my previous attorney.  I have been extremely happy dealing with her office.  She is very thorough and explains what she is doing in laymen’s language...I would highly recommend her to any of my friends or relatives even though my nephew is an attorney.”

Estate Administration Clients

AB, 2014, Letter to the Law Office of Tejal Mehta

“Mrs. Mehta walked me through all the legal steps to obtain the deed to my home.  And she got me my deed.  I received the best service.  She was so nice and knew what she was doing.  Everything went very well.  Thank you, Tejal Mehta.”

NG, 2012, Avvo


“My sister and I had to settle a small probate estate and the dilemma was that we were out-of-state.  We interviewed a couple attorneys before choosing Attorney Tejal Mehta.  I assure you I did my homework and she is very experienced.  She was knowledgeable about the requirements and knew the right people to facilitate requests as it pertained to our needs.  She quickly adjusted to any surprises, as nothing goes the way it's planned.  She was very trustworthy and didn't nickel and dime us and always accounted for estate spending.  Finally, she always kept us informed, whether by phone, mail or internet.  She was easy to talk to and she has no ego as most Attorneys have.  She was best choice for our needs.”

DG, 2012, Avvo


“Tejal worked hard for us to assist us with receiving our inheritance even though our case was a little more complicated than the average probate case.  She was reasonable and my sister and I are very grateful to Tejal for working on our behalf.  We would use her again.”

Tejal MehtaClients’ ChoiceAward 2017

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